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Training Calendar

Training Calendar

Welcome to our training calendar which gives you a month-by-month breakdown of all the training opportunities we have in store for you. Simply select the month you would like to view and follow the links for more information and booking instructions. Please note that some of the links will ask you to log into your traded services account.

January 2024

February 2024

1st Safeguarding in Schools - An Introduction for Governors
1st School avoidance and reintegration
1st IOSH Managing Safely refresher 
6th School and social work partnerships to support post-order (adopted and special guardianship) families
6th SEN support: OAP, planning and evaluation
6th Manual Handling of Objects 
7th Understanding Governance; what good strategic governance looks like
7th Alternative provision- guidance on effective commissioning and monitoring
7th Understanding Anxiety 
7th Statutory Assessment and standardisation training for EXPERIENCED Year 6 teachers
7th Basic Tree Survey & Inspection 
7th KS2 writing standardisation training course for headteachers and senior leaders
8th Learner voice and co-production 
8th Empowering Progress through Adaptive Learning 
8th Property Drop-in Session
8th Managing Fire Safety
8th BESST Everyone Counts Maths Conference 
8th Control of Substance Hazardous to Health Training
8th Managing Fire Safety  
9th Supporting Pupils in School with Medical Conditions 
13th Appointing an Executive Leader
16th Social care involvement in EHCP annual reviews
20th Designated teacher induction
20th The development of reading
20th LSA Support network down syndrome
20th Making sense of autism 
20th Personal Safety Awareness Training
22nd Safer Recruitment
22nd Supporting in the classroom: How to work effectively with teaching assistants: Primary
22nd Religious Education & Collective Worship Course for Schools Governors & Boards 
26th Structural & Reasonable adjustments 
26th BESST Primary Curriculum Leadership Training
27th Comprehensible English for New Primary Arrivals using EAL
27th IOSH Managing Safely - 3 day course

March 2024

May 2024

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