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Using Rainbow Road

Using Rainbow Road

Rainbow Road is an occupational therapy programme designed to be carried out by non- specialists. Rainbow Road is a targeted group or individual intervention that will benefit pupils with mild/moderate coordination difficulties. It allows pupils to practise the basic skills underpinning academic learning through a variety of fun activities. This course is delivered in collaboration with NHS Occupational Therapists. (*Please note that the training does not include the Rainbow Road Programme. Rainbow Road will need to be purchased by those settings that wish to do so.)


  • To provide insight into the needs of children with Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD), also known as dyspraxia. DCD is a condition affecting physical co-ordination.
  • To raise the achievement of children experiencing DCD.
  • To provide guidance on the use of the Rainbow Road resource
  • To improve your resource bank of teaching strategies, classroom resources and online tools across the curriculum.


Chiltern and South Bucks SEND team

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