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Attachment is the emotional bond that connects an infant and their caregiver.

Recent neuroimaging studies of brain development have reinforced years of psychological research demonstrating the powerful impact of attachment on individuals.

This online training seminar, delivered by members of the Educational Psychology team, will provide an introduction to the concept of attachment and – crucially – examine the relevance to classroom and school practice.

Attendees will be invited to consider how particular approaches can be used in school to support the emotional ‘security’ of all learners, including those who may have had less positive early experiences of attachment.

Learning Objectives:

  • To gain an understanding of the concept of attachment, including risk and protective factors known to affect the quality of these
  • To examine the in-school relevance of attachment, including the behavioural indications of less positive attachment
  • To explore practical approaches for supporting children and young people’s attachment and emotional security, at an individual, class and whole-school


The Educational Psychology Service


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