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Terms for training delivered by I-SEND

Responsibilities to undertake successful participation in a virtual session, as part of terms and conditions of your training &/or Specialist Teaching: 

Read the information below as this has been included to help with the smooth running of the I-SEND courses.  If there are any errors with your booking or you have a query, please contact us immediately at sts@buckinghamshire.gov.uk  

  • We recommend you save the email message with the virtual training link in an accessible folder and/or your electronic diary. You can copy the ‘Click here to join the meeting’ message and paste into your calendar.
  • It is advisable to check your device is compatible with MS Teams and that you have access to the chat. We cannot accept responsibility for the quality or accessibility on the device you have chosen to use.
  • Ensure your screen ID is your own name or school name. If you are not sure, please add your name and school to the chat bar.  If we are unable to confirm attendance you may not be sent further information, presentations, or documentation.
  • You are advised to log onto the training at least 5 minutes beforehand to ensure the presenter can start the session on time. Failure to do so may result in missing out on important information.
  • Most of the online training requires delegates to be muted and cameras to be turned off. It is your responsibility that this is done before joining the training. Please respect this request as failure to do so can affect the quality of the presentation and the experience of other delegates.
  • If you join the meeting and have no sound, picture, or access to the chat, please leave and re-join as this may rectify the problem.  If this doesn't work, the problem may be with the device you are using.  We cannot accept responsibility for the quality or accessibility on the device you have chosen to use.
  • We will send out presentations and documentation where possible. This may take up to 14 working days to arrange and approve.
  • Certificates of attendance are not provided for all courses. If the training you attended does produce a certificate of attendance these can take up to 14 working days to produce. They will be emailed directly to you.
  • Cancellations are to be made, in writing to sts@buckinghamshire.gov.uk at least 2 days prior to the training session. Cancellations after this time will still incur the charge and we suggest finding an alternative member of staff to attend.
  • If you have a query with your booking, please contact us immediately at sts@buckinghamshire.gov.uk during office hours. This inbox is not routinely monitored past 5.00pm each day.

How to book 

Sessions will be publicised on our I-SEND Training Page (Traded Services) Any staff member in a Buckinghamshire setting can book a session but must seek financial permission from the School Bursar or Head of Setting with authority to agree in advance and adhere to terms and conditions in relation to the advice session/course in question. This may include preparing evidence, casework, or statistics in advance. 

For training and CPD delivered by other Buckinghamshire Council departments, please see their own SLA. 

For training and CPD delivered by external partners, please read the booking terms and conditions carefully.  Buckinghamshire Council have not audited the training provided by external partners, instead are signposting to partner websites.  Buckinghamshire Council cannot be held responsible for the advice and guidance given by external partners.  All questions, queries, or complaints regarding the advice given must be directed to the partner organisation, and the purchasing school and governing board must undertake all necessary due diligence on the advice and guidance given in the training. 

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