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The School Management Support Team supports the coordination and management of electronic provision of data and information to all schools, academies and the Local Authority (LA). The Team provides a range of contextual and performance information to support school, early years and LA planning, performance monitoring and to assist with school self-evaluation.
Services that allow schools and the LA to meet statutory requirements will be free to all schools. This will include support for data collections, statutory processes and access to a core set of performance and contextual data.

  • Guidance, advice and support on all data collection exercises including
    • School Census, including Post 16 learning aims information for secondary schools
    • School Workforce Census
    • Early Years Foundation Stage Profile Assessments
    • Phonics Screening Check Assessments
    • Key Stage 1 Teacher Assessments
    • Key Stage 2 Teacher Assessments
  • Support for quality assurance of returns through the provision of
    • Checking files (pupil and school level results) for EYFSP, Phonics, KS1 and KS2 returns as part of the data collection arrangements
    • Reports based on information submitted on Post 16 Learning Aims in the School Census
  • Provision of the School Indicators System including
    • Individual school report including performance and contextual information and comparisons to county-wide results
    • Benchmarking tool to allow schools to compare results and contextual information with other schools within Buckinghamshire
  • Access to pupil projections information on request
  • Access to and support for software and data by
    • Providing support and guidance in the use of Analyse School Performance (ASP)
    • Maintaining the AnyComms Plus secure file transfer server and licences to facilitate the quick and secure transfer of files between schools and the LA
    • Maintaining the Local Authority ONE pupil database, working with schools to ensure that both school and LA systems hold up-to-date and valid information through B2B data transfer

For data collection exercises (e.g. School Census) the team will expect to receive timely and accurate returns from schools. Should this not be the case the team reserves the right to levy a charge for costs incurred for extra time spent on dealing with erroneous data. Where checking files/reports are provided to support the accurate completion of data collections it is the schools responsibility to access the files, complete any necessary checking and either notify the team of amendments needed or arrange to resubmit the return in a timely manner. This not being the case, the team reserves the right to levy a charge for costs incurred for extra time spent on dealing with late returns. The team will also be unable to process changes resulting from checking files if they are received after DfE deadlines.

We will advise by telephone or email, regarding any clarifications needed on data collection issues free of charge. We will also provide support for interpreting the analysis provided if required.

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