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Service Level Agreement

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This contractual agreement is between Buckinghamshire Council and the School or Academy taking up the Property Plus package and is a Fiscal 12 months duration (Term). No refunds are given in an event of mid-year termination.

Buckinghamshire Council Responsibilities

The Property Plus service provides a high level professional building consultancy service on all property maintenance related matters where advice and guidance is offered to assist school and academy customers alike in both undertaking Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) services and resolving Reactive Maintenance work requests on their behalf. By purchasing the Property Plus package we (Property Services) will:

  • Take responsibility for reviewing and approving all simple call-out job requests up to a value of £500 on your behalf. This maximises the speed at which the contractor can attend, make-safe and commence the repair for you. This means that if you log a maintenance request with us, you are automatically approving our property experts to proceed with work up to the value of £500 on your behalf.
  • In larger or more complex cases, with works likely to cost over £500, provide you with a quotation together with our recommendations and secure your approval to proceed before we commission the contractors to carry out the required works.
  • Take responsibility for reviewing and approving reactive compliance works and replacement of consumables with a value of less than £500 found during Planned Maintenance (PPM) visits by our contractors. Consumables can include items such as filters and batteries. As with reactive maintenance this means you are automatically approving us to proceed with work up to a value of £500 on your behalf to complete the servicing.
  • For priority 1 (emergency calls), if the contractor attends and makes safe, but needs further urgent authorisation to continue with the fix and the value is likely to exceed £500, we will take responsibility for reviewing and authorising this work on your behalf because of the emergency nature of the call. In this instance, we will do everything we can to keep you informed of our actions and the cost of the work undertaken.
  • Regularly monitor your maintenance work requests, and if patterns emerge, we’ll work with you to identify trigger points for further action requirements such as an addition to the Council’s Capital Works programme for a Maintained School or advising an Academy / VA School on seeking a grant for capital works through the EFA or Diocese.
  • Primarily provide you with direct access to the Property Service Desk and new customer portal enhanced for logging emergency call-out requests and to directly inform all customers on PPM and call-out progress.

School, Academy or MAT Responsibilities

The school/Academy will:

  • Upon discovering a problem promptly contact the Property Service Desk providing the following minimum details to log the call:
    • Your contact details including your name, job title, and full school name with postcode.
    • A detailed description of the type and location of the problem that requires attention.
  • Prompt (within 28 days) payment of our invoice through your itemised account on the Commercial Services link.

Property Plus Key Performance Indicators 2022 - 23


Service Description


Service Desk


Emergency calls will be answered within 5 rings as per the Council’s charter.


Non-urgent requests via ServiceNow will be answered within one working day.

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

The servicing of plant and equipment on a regular basis as defined in SFG20 (the industry guidance on compliance and best practice)

The scheduled PPM maintenance plan for your school is provided and maintained up-to-date on the Council’s K2 database accessed via the portal (when available).


The contractors’ performance will be monitored on their delivery against the planned schedule.

Reactive Maintenance

You will have access to the Council’s approved maintenance and servicing contractors

The Service Desk will acknowledge your call as above.


Once the call is diagnosed, you will be given an SLA based on its priority. We will then hold the contractor to the Priority given: P1- 1 hour, P2- 4 hours, P3- 12 hours, P4- 24 hours. The initial call out is for making safe and temporary rectification as a minimum.


We will invoice you for all reactive works monthly.

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