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Property Plus Membership

This is an annual membership fee to cover the scheme’s administrative costs which is based on your buildings’ gross external floor area (GEA); which is its footprint. Membership will enable your full access to the Buckinghamshire Council’s Property service including:

  • Unlimited access to the Property Service Desk, either by phone in emergencies but more generally through the web-based maintenance request forms.
  • Access to the Council’s Property Services team’s operational and technical expertise, such as building surveyors and engineers, through the service desk.
  • Access to the Council’s vetted suppliers, all of whom have been though a competitive procurement process ensuring that the rates and quality of work are aligned with approved industry recognised standards.
  • Being part of the Property Plus Club, will let you be part of a large network of customers just like yourselves and we can facilitate opportunities for you to liaise with each other should you wish to do so.

Package Type:

Product Dependencies:
This area information is reliant on the Council having up-to-date data about a site’s buildings and may require a site visit if there have been recent extensions.

The one-off annual membership fee is priced on the site’s Gross External Floor Area (GEA)

Floor area bands M² Membership 23-24
0 - 500 £170
500 - 1,000 £345
1,001 – 3,000 £710
3,001 – 5,000 £1040
5,001 – 7,000 £1097
7,001 – 11,000 £1516
11,001 and above £1830

The fee covers the Property Services team’s administration costs including for the Service Desk, service scheduling, works ordering, checking of all invoices and portal development.

A Comprehensive Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) Service

This service will provide Property Plus Members with access to:

  • A programme of Statutory Testing and Repair service with an itemised priced schedule specifically tailored for your site.
  • A programme of Periodic Inspections consisting of the required servicing checks and maintenance of all relevant plant and associated equipment.
  • Access to the Council’s approved maintenance and servicing contractors.
  • Guaranteed value for money with direct access to the best rates negotiated with the Council’s approved suppliers.
  • Unlimited Service Desk support

Property Plus servicing includes for such plant as central heating and hot water boilers, convector heaters, site hard-wire electrical testing, lightning conductors, fire alarms, emergency lighting, lifts and hoists, air conditioning, door controls, swimming pools, sewerage pumps, etc.

  • The benefits of regular servicing of your plant are:
    • A reduction in your running costs;
    • A minimised risk of breakdowns;
    • Prolonged life expectancy of your equipment, and most importantly;
  • The knowledge and peace of mind, that you’ve fulfilled your site’s statutory duties.
  • The service contract also covers periodic cleaning and testing of plant and equipment that would normally fall under the school or academy’s responsibilities.

Please note that our PPM quotation, which will be payable as a one-off payment at the outset, is based on the register we hold of your assets. If your asset list, subsequently during inspection proves to differ from ours we will of course revise your account, by invoicing or reimbursing accordingly, and update our asset database.

Package Type:

The one-off annual membership fee is priced on the site’s Gross External Floor Area (GEA)

Please note: 
If the amount/type of assets differ to that shown on the Council’s register we will invoice / reimburse you to reflect the true cost to supply PPM and update our register accordingly.

The Reactive Maintenance Call-Out Service

This service will provide Property Plus members with access to:

  • Reactive request ticketing system via ServiceNow
  • The Council’s approved reactive maintenance contractors;
  • Specialist advice from our professional surveyors and engineers when required;
  • Your own itemised account for:
    • Tracking all your open and closed call-out requests;
    • Viewing (via the enhanced portal when available), on a monthly basis, all invoices for any reactive works undertaken.

Crucially members will have control of any work above £500 per order undertaken at their school through the approval of quotations for works above £500 from the outset and you will only be paying towards your own school’s building maintenance services.

Please note that all invoices for work will be raised through the Council and not by the individual suppliers. At the point a school purchases the Property Plus Package the Council will raise an invoice for both the Membership and PPM charge and all other work will be invoiced monthly.

Note that for Buckinghamshire Council Maintained Schools there are certain shared responsibilities for reactive maintenance between the Council and the school which are documented in the maintenance responsibilities table. This can be viewed by:

  • Going to SchoolsWeb
  • Locate the Premises and Property area
  • Search for the document referred to, entitled: ‘Responsibilities for Repairs and Maintenance to Buckinghamshire Council School’s’

Very broadly, the Council is responsible for larger and more complex issues and schools generally for items of a more minor nature. For any shared responsibilities the school is initially responsible for paying for up to a unique financial threshold level for their site beyond which the Council is responsible for. The means of calculating this financial threshold is again based on GEA:

For maintained schools only

GEA bands M²  Financial Threshold 
0 - 500 M² £750
500-1,000 M² £1,250
1,001 – 2,000 M² £2,500
2,001 – 3,000 M² £4,100
3,001 – 4,000 M² £5,700
4,001 – 5,000 M² £7,400
5,001 – 6,000 M² £9,000
6,001 – 7,000 M² £10,700
7,001 – 8,000 M² £12,300
8,001 – 9,000 M² £14,000
9,001 - 10,000 M² £15,600
10,001 - 11,000 M² £17,300
11,001 - 12,000 M² £18,900
above 12,000 M² £20,600

Package Type:
Pay as used

Reactive maintenance is a direct handover of the costs for the works you request. Prices will be dependent on the type of work requested.

Please note:
Schools and academies that do not subscribe to the Property Plus package will not be able to use the Property Service Desk or Portal. 

Academies and VA Schools will be liable for all costs associated with reactive call-outs.

Maintained schools will be liable for all costs on shared responsibilities with the Council up to the value of their site’s financial threshold.

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