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Our Whole School support package combines the support of the school’s Curriculum devices, including ICT suites and the school’s Admin devices (i.e. School office devices). This means that your School’s entire IT infrastructure is managed by the same provider and where 95% of issues are resolved remotely; removing the inconvenience and frustration of waiting until the next scheduled visit by a technician. Any issues that cannot be resolved remotely will result in a same day visit by one of the technical support team.

The Schools Technical Support Team is committed to providing services to help schools to make effective use of Information Communication Technology across their Curriculum and Admin network(s). As a central service, we have the advantage of greater purchasing power and through economies of scale can offer competitive prices and value for money whilst delivering an efficient and effective service.

Our Whole School service also means all the School’s software systems and applications i.e. curriculum software, cashless catering, sign-in & visitor management and broadband providers, are supported at no extra charge.

If you would like to purchase any additional services outside this period, please contact the Schools Technical Support Team to discuss your requirements further:

Technical Support Packages

Simon Hobdell
Technical Team Leader
01296 383500 Option 4

MIS Support & Training Packages

Sheryl Everett
ICT Schools Team Manager 
01296 383500 Option 4

Service Desk Opening Hours - closed between Christmas and New Year

8.30 to 17.00 Monday to Thursday / 8.30 to 16.00 Friday

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