Buckinghamshire Traded Services

Service Level Agreement

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  • Information, Resource, and Booking functionality is provided via the Traded Services Zone of SchoolsWeb. We aim to provide a professional service and support to schools through advice and monitoring

  • Where required, allocate a School Improvement Advisor/member of the School Improvement team to deliver a service purchased. A school may request a specific School Improvement Advisor, but the final allocation will depend on availability and will take into account any potential conflicts of interest

  • If an allocated member of staff is unable to provide the Services due to illness or injury, the Council may allocate an alternative School Improvement Advisor/member of the School Improvement team to the role

  • The Council will provide all Services with due care, skill and ability,

  • The Council may use business support team members to perform any administrative, clerical, or secretarial functions which are reasonably incidental to the provision of the Services,

  • Nothing in this Agreement shall prevent the Authority from undertaking:

statutory responsibilities and duties with regard to School Improvement

any additional activities with the aim of supporting improvement at the School.

  • The Council shall not (except in the proper course of duties), either during the Engagement or at any time after the completion of the Service, use or disclose to any third party any Confidential Information provided by the school/school leadership. This restriction does not apply to:

any use of disclosure of a safeguarding nature,

any use or disclosure required by law;

the provision of support for the headteacher or school,

any information which is already in, or comes into, the public domain.

  • Reviews – the purpose of the reviews are to support leaders to gain a fuller understanding of how your school is performing so that leaders that are able to prioritise areas that may need intervention or improvement. A BESST review does not guarantee a specific outcome at your school’s next inspection.
  • The Council is subject to the requirements of the FOIA and the Environmental Information Regulations and the School shall assist and co-operate with the Council to enable the Council to comply with these information disclosure requirements.

School Responsibilities

The School agrees to:

  • Provide a named contact at the school,
  • Provide all necessary and relevant information in order for Buckinghamshire Council to effectively provide the Services,
  • Comply with timings as discussed and agreed,
  • Be available, as required, for agreed meetings and onsite visits,
  • The school leadership agrees to uphold their professional and respectful obligations under this SLA

Performance Indicators

  • Measures of Service Performance
  • Customer satisfaction feedback
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