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Specialist Teaching Service

Specialist Teaching Service

The Specialist Teaching Service (STS) aims to give school-based staff across the county the appropriate skills to enable them to meet the varied SEND needs of Buckinghamshire Pupils. This is done through a range of appropriate training delivered by a trained specialist in different areas of SEND. This training provides staff with specific knowledge and strategies to best meet the needs of pupils with SEND in their schools.

All STS staff has a robust experience of teaching pupils with SEND. Each STS team has staff with Specific Specialist Qualifications in their areas of SEND, including Master and Post Graduate level specialisms, allowing the STS to provide highly specialised training.

The STS places emphasis on keeping up to date with current strategies and thinking allowing training to be relevant and appropriate for all schools.

Further information on Specialist Teaching Services

From September 2019 the new integrated SEND service will be implemented, which sees the SEND Team, Educational Psychologist Service, and Specialist Teaching Service restructured to work as one integrated service. This new improved SEND service aims to increase localised working, improve performance and support and enable more services, settings, and families to work together collaboratively.

The new integrated service will see teams split into geographic areas. Aylesbury, Chiltern, and South Bucks, and High Wycombe. Each area will be managed by an area team manager, who will oversee the work of the SEN Officers, Educational Psychologist, and Specialist Teachers in that area.


Support Options

Training provided by STS can be received through three levels of support.

Level 1

  1. a) Training sessions in areas of SEND which schools are dealing with each day.
  2. b) Surgery sessions for Cognition and Learning and Autism – these sessions are held on set days throughout the year and provide a 1:1 session with members of the Autism or Cognition and Learning teams. Schools can discuss individual, anonymised, children or whole school issues. Schools can initially book onto one session.

Level 1 options are offered at no cost

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Level 2

CPD courses aimed at more specific areas to allow schools and staff to develop further their skills to meet the needs of pupils with SEND.

These sessions are charged at £60 half day/£90 full day

Level 3

Bespoke staff training sessions in targeted areas of SEND that can be delivered to individual schools or clusters of schools (whole school or targeted members of staff).

These are also charged at £95 hr. These training sessions can also be delivered within pupil's statutory hours.

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