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Buckinghamshire Traded Services


Buckinghamshire Council provides schools and academies with access contractors to fulfil servicing and repair requirements on your site/s.

Our annual fee covers the annual administrative costs of the scheme. This is based on your buildings’ gross external floor area (GEA). The property will provide full access to the Buckinghamshire Council’s Property Plus service.

Benefits of Membership include:

  • Access to fully vetted and approved local contractors
  • Delivery of fully compliant servicing to all schools and academies priced through the economy of scale
  • Reduction in running costs and minimise the risk of breakdowns through regular servicing
  • Prolonged life of equipment and buildings
  • Assurance that your site’s statutory duties are being met

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

A programme of statutory testing and repair service with an itemised annual pricing schedule including:

  • A programme of inspections consisting of the required servicing checks and maintenance of all relevant plant and associated equipment.
  • Access to the Council’s approved maintenance and service contractors.
  • Value for money with direct access to the best rates negotiated with the Council’s approved suppliers.
  • Unlimited Service Desk support.

Reactive Call-Out

Buckinghamshire Council to aim to provide access to:

  • The Council’s approved reactive maintenance contractors who will arrange a repair or remedial solutions
  • Advice from our professional surveyors and engineers when required
  • Your own itemised account for:
    • Tracking all your open and closed call-out requests;
    • Viewing (via the enhanced portal when available), on a monthly basis, all invoices for any reactive works undertaken.

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Service Desk Support

Our agents are trained to:

  • Diagnose your call
  • Request your name, job title and full school name with postcode
  • Require a detailed description of the type and location of the problem to be addressed
  • Prioritise the work in terms of urgency
  • Approve simple tasks to allow works to be conducted as soon as possible and inform you of how your call is being treated.

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Self Help Projects

For your self-financed building projects, you can commission the Council’s in-house Property Services which include the design, specification, and implantation of works executed on your behalf in respect of any projects that are financed by yourselves.

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