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PSN Broadband

Using the internet is a vital part of any school or academy. Public Service Network (PSN) provides school and academies with an internet connection that is:

Fast, reliable and ensures the safety of your pupils whilst online.

The service has various packages. This allows flexibility to the service you receive and delivers a variety of speeds depending on your location.

Our team will arrange the physical internet connection that will plug into your school network. We provide more than the core service including:

  • a firewall
  • web filtering
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate
  • support

The Bucks PSN network is a wide area network available to all schools. It is what connects your school to the internet.

A variety of connection speeds are available depending on location and need. Broadband speeds into Bucks schools currently vary between 2 megabytes per second, in a few hard-to-reach schools, to more than 100 megabytes per second in large urban secondary schools.

Our fibre cables include a 4 hour response time to fix. Typical broadband company response times are usually measured in days. We also pay significant service credits to schools that lose connectivity for unacceptable periods of time.

Other software services are available. A school needs to buy an essential internet connectivity package before being able to buy any extra services. The service offering gives schools the flexibility to buy the services that meet their requirements.

These software packages come as part of your broadband package buy at no extra charge.


A “firewall” is provided to protect your School from intrusions from the Internet, or indeed from other Bucks PSN users.

In general, the firewall works by excluding network traffic unless it has been explicitly permitted. The firewalls are monitored 24x7 for threats and intrusions to protect the Bucks PSN network.  Schools can customize the configuration for access to their own School Network by raising a request via the Updata service desk.

Web Filtering

The service provides content filtering to block access to unwanted websites. The system used conforms to PAS 74:2008 Internet Safety and the vendor of this service works in partnership with the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), CyberTips, Phishtank, Openphish, Stopbadware, Interpol and UK Safer Internet to maintain a secure online environment.

The level of filtering can be adjusted to suit the level/age of each user and helps schools to ensure the e-safety guidance is adhered to. New websites appear every day, the filtering service automatically blocks sites that are inappropriate based on a number of categories and, schools can request that specific sites are blocked or unblocked. Schools can ascertain what information is being accessed via their connection and follow-up on safeguarding issues either by requesting a report from the Updata Service Desk or by requesting a Netsweeper account to enable them to run reports themselves.

SSL Certificate

An additional measure to enhance the security of our user’s web browsing experience.  The certificate ensures HTTPS traffic can be inspected and protects against malicious third parties. 

NOTE: Financial data is NOT inspected.

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Prevent Agenda Reporting

Reporting for Prevent is now available via our Netsweeper web filtering solution.  Custom reports can be produced to identify user’s internet activity (Staff or students) should a concern be raised.  These reports can also be scheduled and sent to your school's security officer or another nominated member of staff on regular bases.

*This service relies on the implementation of the Netsweeper Active Directory plugin and may not be available for some network configurations.  Please contact the Bucks PSN Team directly for more information.

Email filtering

Spam filtering is in place for both incoming and outgoing email.

Remote Access

Securely access devices and shared areas on your schools network from home or any other remote location.

User Management Portal

An online tool available to all schools to administer user accounts. This is used to reset users passwords and as a point of reference for username and password credentials for new users. Our customers can manage users themselves or requests can be submitted via the Updata service desk.


A dedicated service desk is on hand to support all Bucks PSN Services.

The support included as part of Bucks PSN Service ensures that all aspects of the network are monitored 24x7x365 and maintained to meet the demands of a countywide schools network. This makes sure that potential faults are identified, often before the impact is noticed by the school. Engineers can remotely fix problems and dedicated engineers are available to repair or replace broken hardware on the Bucks PSN Network.  

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