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Securing Judgement - Moderation Session for Year 6 teachers

Securing Judgement - Moderation Session for Year 6 teachers

This half-day event will bring together Year 6 teachers from across Buckinghamshire. It will allow teachers to discuss their judgements for writing with colleagues beyond their own school and support a standardised application of national frameworks. This session offers an excellent opportunity to work with colleagues from diverse school contexts, including LA external moderators, and provides the basis for high level discussion about pupils’ writing and assessment.

Participants will be asked to provide a full sample of writing evidence for 3 pupils who they judge to represent the range of achievement in their class.  This should relate to the current school year. Teachers will also be asked to bring their own copies of national exemplification material and the Teacher Assessment Framework for the end of KS2.

 Pupil evidence could include:

  • Current writing evidence from English lessons
  • Relevant work from across the curriculum where pupils have had the opportunity to apply and deepen writing knowledge, skills and understanding
  • Teachers’ records or notes of attainment
  • Reviews, journals, self-assessments or reflections on learning
  • Any other existing evidence (e.g. photographs, record-sheets, progress tracking records)

Participants will have the chance to present their evidence, hear from other teachers, work with trained moderators, discuss their findings and consider implications for planning and pedagogy.


  • provide teachers with a structured session to moderate their judgements of attainment, using the Teacher Assessment Frameworks and national exemplification
  • provide an excellent opportunity to work with colleagues from across the county
  • provide opportunities for reflective ‘professional discussion’ about pupils’ evidence, with LA moderators and colleagues working in other schools


Stephanie Hilder and members of the KS2 LA Moderation Team

Who should book on:

  • Year 6 teachers

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