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School Improvement Services

School Improvement Services

School Improvement Conferences

The School Improvement team will be offering a virtual conference programme, with one conference each term, for all school staff, leaders and governors across academic year 2021/22.  We will work closely with headteachers to determine the most pressing topics for schools across the county and plan the annual programme to best meet these needs. 

Details of the autumn term 2021/22 BESST conference will be available soon.  Please do get in contact if you have any suggestions for the programme for academic year 2021/22 by emailing  besst@buckinghamshire.gov.uk

CLEAPSS for Academies

The Health and Safety at Work Act and subsequent regulations require employers to protect their employees by, for example, providing safe working conditions, information & training for health and safety, and (model) risk assessments. CLEAPSS works in the field of school and college science, D&T and art, from foundation stage through to A-level or equivalent. It provides general support and advice for all aspects of practical work. This includes information, advice and training about laboratory and workshop design and working practices, technicians and their jobs, equipment, tools, materials, living organisms, and practical activities for students, with an over-arching focus on health and safety. CLEAPSS advice and guidance forms the basis of model risk assessments for practical activities carried out in educational settings in science, D&T and art.

Academies in Buckinghamshire can purchase CLEAPSS membership through BESST at a discounted rate compared to purchasing direct. 

Buckinghamshire Council purchases CLEAPSS membership for maintained schools, details of your membership will be sent to all maintained schools in the autumn term.

Visit our online shop to purchase this package - Bursar login required

Headteacher Performance Management

Headteacher performance management plays a vital role in the governing board’s core function of holding the school to account for the educational performance of the school and for the performance management of its staff.  The external advisor role is to advise on the legal process, help interpret data and other performance information, and advise on how to frame objectives for the coming year. 

BESST can offer experienced external advisor support to governing bodies, with a new headteacher only, this academic year.  We plan to expand this service next academic year as capacity in the School Improvement team increases.

If you are a governing body with a new headteacher and wish to discuss potential headteacher performance management support, please contact besst@buckinghamshire.gov.uk for an informal discussion and more information.

Educational Visits Service

We offer education visits support and advice to schools, academies, and independent schools. This covers all educational visits where a young person takes part in an out-of-classroom learning activity that is carried out beyond the boundary of the school, from local area visits, work experience, PE fixtures to the more complex adventurous, residential or overseas activities.  Support also includes training for headteachers and EVCs plus access to Evolve, the online portal which supports the planning, approval and management of educational visits.

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